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Fit To Lead


Using fitness as a forum for leadership development.


Athletes and leaders have notable attributes in common. Both roles must continue to learn and develop in areas such as setting goals, welcoming challenges, working as a team, navigating complex situations, overcoming failures and applying resilience skills to reach for higher levels of performance.

The Fit to Lead™ Program takes a unique approach of building leadership acumen by making deliberate connections between the mindset and skillset that both athletes and leaders need to be successful.

Many of us are inspired by stories of athletic pursuits that translate into lessons of leadership. Throughout the program journey,  participants discover these connections and grow as leaders.


How It Works

A series of classroom and/or Webinar options are available over a course of 6-8 months and compliment an athletic goal set by participants. Each topic is available as a stand-alone session, if desired. 

For the series, we recommend, participants choose an athletic goal that challenges them to a new level of fitness achievement and that will ideally be completed at the end of the Fit to Lead™ program series.  

Participants are encouraged to form a team – through work or from their personal or professional network.

Fit To Lead    Workshop Topics


Inventory Your Wellbeing 

Image by Jennifer Burk

The more aware you are of the various - and sometimes unrecognized - components that make up your professional and personal goals, the more intentional you can be in focusing your attention and time to ultimately get what you want.

Image by Matt Noble

Create Your Vision

It’s Your Future, Get Inspired! Create a vision for your future to motivate and inspire you towards concrete daily action in pursuit of your biggest and most important goals.

Image by Anastase Maragos

Set and Achieve Goals

Your roadmap toward your vision. Here you will develop the right mindset and techniques for setting goals and ways to make the unlikely undeniable.

Image by Stanislav Kondratiev

Agility & Resilience

Discover important skills to bounce back from challenges and rise to greater personal and professional success.

Image by Perry Grone


Develop your ability to collaborate, communicate, and inspire to deliver superior results with and through others.

Together at the Top


Discover how to master commitments to not only achieve new levels of results but also new levels of trust between you and the people you engage with.

What Our Customers are Saying

I enjoyed every webinar – these have been so inspiring and motivating.  I don’t think I would be this far without you.

Thank you very much for the incredible energy, positive messages and great feelings.

I have truly enjoyed this series of webinars.

I learned a lot and I expect to get many times the return of my time and energy as I face future challenges.

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