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This remarkable self-discovery journal includes science-based data supporting the concepts in each chapter.  You’ll experience activities with thought-provoking questions that will help make the connections between fitness and growing your leadership.  This journal will take you on a journey where you create new dreams in your professional and personal life, and then work to make them come true.  Customizable calendar pages are included to map out the big things you have planned as well as track weekly learnings and actions you are taking to achieve your goals.

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Your Journey Will Be Guided By 5 Chapters

CHAPTER 1: You've Got This - Step Up To The Starting Line!

Ready? Here's everything you need to begin your transformational journey.

CHAPTER 2: Grab The Wheel For The Journey You Want

Get intentional with where you focus your attention and time to ultimately get what you want from your life at work, in fitness, and beyond.

CHAPTER 3: It's Your Future - Get Inspired

Create a vision for your future to motivate and inspire you towards daily action in pursuit of your biggest and most important career and fitness goals.

CHAPTER 4: Your New Superpower: Agility and Resilience

Explore skills you’ll want to master for your body and mind to bounce back from challenges, and even failures, so you can achieve personal and professional success.

CHAPTER 5: Create Your Team To Thrive

Build and nourish relationships that are mutually beneficial for your career and your life.  Whether you’re working on fitness or professional ambitions, creating supportive relationships is key to help you get there.

EPILOGUE: Time to Celebrate!

It's time to celebrate all that you've learned and accomplished in this journey, but it doesn't stop here. This section is an invitation to look forward and plan how you want to sustain where you are and look for ways to continue to grow in your fitness and leadership.

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What People Are Saying

Years ago,  I discovered the countless life lessons and mental strength that comes from participating in sports.  The specific strategies in Reach not only led to a huge reawakening of some of those lessons but reignited my desire to take advantage of that synergy between work life and athletics.  What I love about Reach is that reading it is like having a good friend talk to you, the kind of friend who is there for you but also pushes you to be better.  Ashley and Kari remind you that being your best self takes work, some grit, and being intentional about your mindset and, even better, they give you a roadmap to get there!

Elizabeth, Professor, Mom of 3, Ironman Triathlete

REACH is a journey for women at any stage of their careers and is a blueprint for creating that all-elusive work life balance.  After walking this journey with Ashley and Kari, you will feel stronger and more confident in all of the most important areas of your life!

Colleen, President, Global Medical Device Company, Mom of 2 and cross-fit athlete

Hey Ladies! Use this book on your own, or get others involved! Bring REACH to your book club or create one! Got an affinity group, women’s club, or employee resource business group (ERBGs)? Use REACH, to empower and catalyze your group. Kari and Ashley are available to come speak in person or virtually. We also deliver the 6-month Fit to Lead program and use the REACH book as a guide. Let us know what your interest is. We would love to support you!

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